What Is Preventing the Adoption of FOSS ideologies

Depending on where you fall in the spectrum of open source support this article’s title has you either fuming, just curious, or already in agreement with me before even seeing the reasoning below. This article is the product of my many attempts to voice my concerns with those in the open source and FOSS movements.Continue reading “What Is Preventing the Adoption of FOSS ideologies”

ZSA Moonlander Mk1 Review

The Moonlander is ZSA’s third offering. It is a unique ortho-linear columnar layout boasting ergonomic advantages that should translate to increased comfort for users and better resistance to health issues related to long typing sessions. Does it measure up? Read on to hear my thoughts on the matter. Initial thoughts upon delivery Note: This reviewContinue reading “ZSA Moonlander Mk1 Review”